The Manhattan Brewing Reefer

Manhattan Brewing Company closed their doors decades ago. Regardless, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name to adorn the sides of this Atlas O 40’ Woodside Reefer to raise awareness for the TCA 2015 National Convention hosted by METCA. This Master Line reefer will be offered in 4 road numbers (and 4 “flavors”) with your choice of 3-Rail or 2-Rail trucks (pending sufficient orders). Each variety of our reefer pays homage to one of the various names that New York has been known as over the years. These cars are scheduled for delivery in late 2014.

Order now because production quantities are planned to be ultra-low (approximately 48 of each “flavor”). We hope that one or more of these cars suits your taste (buds)!

Available exclusively from METCA. First Come, First Served … Last Call !!!

Download the Manhattan Brewing Reefer Order Form here!

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